Ask EttaVee

Advice for artists and creative business owners


What medium do you paint with? What art supplies do you use?

I paint with acrylic paint on various surfaces such as canvas, glass, wood and sometimes fruit - haha! I've compiled a list of my art supplies in a blog post What's in My Art Box

What platform do you use for your website?

I use Squarespace for the simplicity and beautiful clean design. Many artists/ online shops use Shopify as well. 

Have you always had a business mindset?

I would say yes! My parents were both business owners and always encouraged me to build something of my own. I would say that working in advertising gave me the tools I needed to promote my brand in creative ways.



Favorite podcasts for creative business

Being Boss

How I Built This

Elise Gets Crafty

Favorite books for creative business

The Crossroads of Should and Must