Safe & Sound

Just wanted to let everyone know I arrived to Paris safely.

I flew Air Canada, which is who I usually love to take when traveling to Paris. The rainbow lighting systems inside their new Boeing 747 is just lovely (think Virgin America and it's purple lighting). The flight was only 5 hr 30 min. Just like flying from Cali to the east coast. I say this so my parents realize I'm the same distance from them like I was in California ;)

It was raining today when we touched down and I realized Paris smells sweet in the rain. Pierre met me at the airport. It's been 4 months since we last saw each other. I'm always taken aback when I see him again after long separation. So handsome :) 

I pretty much slept all day. But I'll be re-energized for tomorrow! Looking forward to exploring the city as well as taking care of some errands.