Tuileries in the Fall

Today was a good day.

After DAYS of rain, the sky was blue and the sun was shining. Weather is always very important to me. It may be psychological, but I swear blue skies give me LIFE (which is why I did so well in Cali). The nice weather made for a lovely day for a walk in the park, so I hit up the Tuileries which is located next to the Louvre.




A friend had mentioned that there was a Frida Kahlo (one of my favorite artists & women of all time) exhibit showing at the Musée de L'Orangerie in the park, so I made sure to seek it out.


I didn't have to wait in line too long. I was inside and looking at art within a hour.

To my surprise, the museum houses some of Claude Monet's Water Lillies. They're so beautiful. The galley rooms were so serene and just what I needed after a stressful week of moving. It was cool to get up close to these paintings and see that up close they're just scribbles and look a bit harsh. It isn't until you stand way back that you see the beautiful calm scenery.


Next, I made my way to the Frida exhibit. To my surprise the exhibit was a fusion exhibit with her artist don juan husband Diego Rivera. Geez how could I be so lucky!? I'm thrilled I got to see this exhibit. I had written many papers and done many projects on Frida while studying spanish in high school and mexican art history in undergrad (I'm quite a fan).

The exhibit was bright and colorful, just like you'd expect for a Mexican artist. They had a small room which housed all of her passionate self portraits, some gruesome & some bizarre. Also, I'm glad they touched on what a style icon she had become. Viva la Frida!

pardonmyparis_frida_jessimichelle After a museum visit like this, I'm most definitely inspired to hit up an art store and start painting again.