Star Spangled Summer!


American flag tank: American Apparel 

Though I'm living La Vie en France I'm still a proud American girl! Before moving to France and like many Americans, I assumed that the French didn't care much for us. I've heard many horror stories of things that Americans have experienced while visiting Paris. Yet to my surprise, my being Americaine has been greeted with much positivity, kindness and mostly curiosity.

For the most part, Parisians are quite kind to me. I had started developing a theory that the more I 'american-ize' my french, the nicer people become, be it at the grocery store, post office etc. Thus, I started conducting mini experiments where I'd enter a boutique and shop owners would kind of just brush me off until I spoke broken french, then voila we're having conversations about Miami (a lot of french are quite obsessed with Miami, by the way)!

There have been a few times when I've entered a party/ get together and everyone doesn't really give me a second look, but the second there hear me speaking my butchered french then suddenly I'm the belle of the ball!


The American flag is all the rage in France this summer when it comes to fashion! I see it on shoes, bags, shirts, sunglasses... you name it and people are rocking it. From a design standpoint, the American flag is quite fun to design with. Not only we have stripes but our iconic stars to work with, while many other flags are patternless designs.

I also see a lot of people wearing the union jack as well, but never the french flag.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday weekend!!

Happy Birthday America!