My top 6 podcasts of the moment!

I've been having the best of times exploring the wonderful world of podcasts. Especially while glued to the desk at my day job. Not only do they make me feel connected to what's going on in the states - they're inspiring, intriging and thought provoking. There's a podcast out there for everyone, with every topic under the sun, EVERYTHING. Here's a collection of some of my favorites (besides Serial) that I tune into weekly!

For storytelling I turn to the ever classic - This American Life. They have an extensive online archive stocked with intriguing and thoughtful storytelling, dating back to 1995. Listen here

Being Boss is a great new podcast that started at the beginning of this year. It's a show for creative entrepreneurs by two inspiring creative entrepreneurs. They give advice as to what it takes to run your own creative business. In a way it's like small business therapy for me. I'm always feeling motivated, refreshed and ever more confident after listening to it! Listen here

For my sassy side - a show I really look forward to every Friday is The Read. This show is a piece of hot mess heaven that has had me laughing out loud while at work every now and then :D  The hilarious hosts deliver entertainment news, current events, pop culture - and always with a lot of shade & no-filter. Listen here

Love + Radio is a great archive of glimpses into the lives of others - their stories range everywhere from bizarre to provocative.

On days I'm feeling curious I listen to RadioLab. The show perfectly weaves science with inquisitive storytelling. The hosts are fantastically curious as well.

Awesome podcast offering up snippets of lesser known, but very interesting historical stories.

Of course there's Serial, which is so intriguing - i'm really looking forward to season 2, Invisibilia, Criminal, 99% Invisible, Ted talk radio hour

I'd love to hear what everyone else is listening to! What are some of your favorites!?