2017 Brings Big Changes

I am much overdue for a life update!! 

I hope you all spent a wonderful holiday season and new year with your loved ones. My hubby and I had originally planned to go to the states for the holidays, but were unable to make the trip at the last minute. I was super bummed out as I haven't been able to spend the holidays with my family for a few years now. Luckily, we were able to spend the holidays with P's family in the south of France. It was so nice to sit in the sunshine and absorb ALL the vitamin D. Living in Paris is lovely, but the city is often blanketed in gray clouds - one must escape when possible! 

I'm excited for what this new year brings. There are many adventures headed my way, both professionally and personally. I spent the first week this year focusing on getting really clear about the direction I want EttaVee to go in moving forward! After taking a look at 2016 sales, commissions and requests I was able to get a much clearer idea of what works what doesn't work and what people are asking for.

As artists and creatives, it can be hard to let go of previous works that we may love, but may not be working/ selling. I've decided to adopt a "no fear" attitude when it comes to my work. Fear hinders progress, so with that I chopped a lot of my pieces. It feels so good to cut ties with items that aren't selling. I took a lot of old paintings, cut them up and am now using them to write my "thank you" cards on. I've also retired many designs that were just taking up space in my etsy shop. Purging, moving forward with no fear, is a great way to free yourself up for new inspiration and opportunities!!

One of my many goals for moving forward is to build a surface and textile design portfolio! I'd love to see my colorful brushstrokes on home textiles, clothing and office items! 

I also hope to connect more with other creatives out there! I tend to be shy when it comes to meeting/ reaching out to new creatives on the internet. Which is funny because, I'm quite the opposite in-person.  Don't be afraid to say "hello" and I'll do that same :)

I hope to share more of my day-to-day life as an artist and well as my personal life.

If you missed the announcement on my instagram, my hubby and I are expecting our first baby in May!! We found out on our one year anniversary, which was quite the amazing anniversary gift. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey of embarking on motherhood while living abroad. Expect a post on that soon!

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