Not having adequate Wifi my first week in Paris has been less than ideal. There's so much I've wanted to post and share, but haven't been able to! Even getting this post up has been a small miracle. On the plus side of things, since i've been so "disconnected" & it's been raining all week, I've had plenty of time for reflection, reading, watching french tv (to work on my listening) and trying to get my life set up. Getting situated is moving at a glacial pace, I will definitely be doing a post solely on what it's like to move to France. It's been quite a process!

With the little exploring I've done, I have realized I really love taking the metro, it's my absolute favorite public transit in the world. Not only is it clean, but at times very scenic if you're on the right route. Also, I adore the mini symphonies and opera singers who's music travels beautifully through the tunneled hallways. 

Lots of photos coming your way tomorrow!