Vacances: South of France - bormes les mimosas

mimosa_EttaVee1 This beautiful village is tucked away on the side of a mountain. The drive up to the city made me a little nauseous because of all the twists and turns along the way, but I must say... it was MORE than worth it. Bormes-les-mimosas gets it's name from the mimosa flower which blankets the city around the beginning of the year. Even though the flowers weren't in bloom, the village charmed its way into my heart!


The city is full of cobblestone and small passageways!


flowers bloom EVERYWHERE, which also means there were all kinds of insects pollinating away (and biting the crap out of all of us). But goodness just look at this gorgeousness!

mimosa_EttaVee5 mimosa_EttaVee12mimosa_EttaVee4mimosa_EttaVee6mimosa_EttaVee13mimosa_EttaVee10mimosa_EttaVee7 mimosa_EttaVee8   mimosa_EttaVee11

After exploring the city we drove down to a small hidden away beach for a quick cool-off swim. It was so beautiful and the perfect way to finish the day!


Okay, so this was probably the most adorable thing I saw while on our trip to the south. There's a small boat that travels from beach to beach selling chocolate beignets (see small white boat with red flag in photo below)! It parks itself just close enough for customers to walk out to buy their sugary treats! I didn't have any euro on me, so no beignets for me :(


If you ever find yourself in the south of france, I highly recommend visiting Bourmes-les-mimosas. It was hands down the most charming village i've ever visited!