Party in Paris

Fête de la Musique - EttaVee Let me first say wow!! The energy in Paris was absolutely unbelievable Saturday night, I have never seen Paris like this before. There was singing, dancing, drumming and laughter everywhere in the streets. Every year in all of France, Fête de la Musique celebrates the first day of summer (summer solstice) and of course music.

I have been looking forward to this day for YEARS. After first hearing about it in the film 2 days in Paris, I became curious about this day. Singers and musicians performed every single type of music under the sun; both professional and not. There were many famous french artists giving free concerts, as well as a free Lana Del Rey concert I found out about too late -wah!

It was cool to walk through Place de Republique. In that one plaza they had 5 different genres of music playing. Walking through and hearing all the music mixing was really cool and so was this guy...

I took some video with my phone so you can see the range of music! Next year I will take my camera ;)

[vimeo 98920273 w=500 h=286]

I really liked the Hip hop group: Le Quartier Libre  I may try to catch a show!

There were also DJs playing on the streets; everything from top 40, mash-ups, dub step, and house music. Mini raves would form around them! We also came across a DJ playing salsa and a big group of people salsa dancing. Good dancers or not people were not shy and that was awesome. I asked Pierre if he would dance with me and he of course looked at me like I was crazy. So, I just filmed and admired. I guess my look of longing to dance was evident because an older man came up to me and offered me is hand. I got shy and said "no merci". Of course regretting it now, next time I WILL salsa!

republique - ettavee ettavee   summer play - ettaveesilhouette at republiqueettaveetime to eatparis silhouettes at night

I didn't realize how starved I was for music and dancing until that night. I think I've found my new favorite day!



La foire!

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One thing I like about summertime are the french fairs that pop up! I adore them. Mainly because of the cute sweet stands they have serving up any and all sugary concoctions one can imagine! Goodness I just wanted to eat everything.

Since Paris is a city full of beige immeubles (buildings), these colorful fairs are a sight for sore eyes. Sure you still your creepy carnies and the un-savory types who hang around, but it's all good fun none the less.

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Pierre, the boo

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I'm looking forward to hitting up the summer fair in the Tuileries! I love going at night and watching the eiffel tower sparkle from the top of the ferris wheel!!




Merry Frenchmas!


P's family lives in Strasbourg, so it was only fitting that we spend our first French Christmas there. I've been here many times before, usually around Christmas or in the middle of the summer. P had to work on Christmas Eve so I headed Strasbourg a day early to spend time with his family. I about missed my train, it was quite the adventure I tell you. More adventure than I care to have at 5:45 am. I was happy to arrive early and meet my little niece Grace.

Not only is Strasbourg one of the two European capitals, it's widely famous in France for being the capital of Christmas and for their Marché de Noël [Christmas Markets]. I really can't even explain how mesmerizing and fun these markets are. There are around 17 throughout the city all pretty much offering the same things. There you'll find lots of vin chaud [hot wine], breztel, ornaments, chocolates, beignets, wooden toys, christmas decor galore, cakes... goodness the list goes on and on. It's a Christmasphile's dream. I can't wait to take my parents one day since my dad LOVES Christmas :)

In the town center plaza is where you'll find the city's Christmas tree (see above). This year it was assembled incorrectly and leans to the left. It was given the nickname "leaning tree of pisa".







Pierre's dad makes vin chaud every year and it's SO good. Below are some of the basic ingredients: Cinnamon, anise, ginger, pure cane sugar, orange and of course wine. There are other ingredients not shown, they're family secrets ;)

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Charlotte, Micka & I hit up the Museum of Modern Art on Christmas Eve. Got to see some Rodin, Picasso and other treasures.

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Cute tiny finger food pasteries

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We started off Christmas Eve dinner with an aperitif. I always love these because you get your snack on (and a lil buzz) before dinner time. Aperitif was light because our meal was heavy. Aperitif consisted of the following: Christmas Picon cinnamon beer, smoked salmon, boudin blanche and small flavored cheeses. Dinner: yummy tasty delicious foie gras [duck liver] on spiced bread, seafood & avocado salad, Chapon stuffed with farce and sweet potato fries. Lawd!! For those of you who don't know Chapon is a rooster and farce is stuffing. Our farce was a mixture of bread, foie gras, veal, potato etc. SO good. For dessert we had a lovely Buche de Noel made by P!



On Christmas day I was able to Facetime with my family in the States who were in Chicago spending the holiday with my brother. They got to meet Pierre's family for the first time! We're so lucky to live in a day and age where we can see our loved ones on Christmas even though an ocean separates us! love love love.





Geez, Christmas was just so great this year. I'm so thankful to P's family, who made me feel like apart of the family. I know my parents are thankful for that as well. First Christmas in France = a success!

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas as well!



Simply Charming: le 13e no. 2

I didn't realize how vast the 13th arrondissement was until I really explored it. I've been living in it and walking around for days and still haven't seen all of it. This hood definitely wears many different masks. There's Butte aux Caille which is a cute old french area with lots of bars, a chinatown with a chinese mall that feels like modern day china and much more. The wall murals are lovely here in the 13th. Looks like french artists feel the same as I do about the drab beige buildings.

Le 13e vol.2














To find the really charming residences you have to go down the side streets.