Rainbow Riviera - Custom Color *Limited Availability


Rainbow Riviera - Custom Color *Limited Availability

from 308.00

Come away with me to the Rainbow Riviera! This piece combines elements of minimalism, color, metallic gold resulting in a one-of-a-kind luxury contemporary piece to be treasured. This item is finished with a non-toxic resin for added dimension, depth, gloss and most importantly protection.

I’m offering a limited number to be available for custom color. Custom color will be for the bottom half of the painting. To select your desired color, simply choose a dimension and you will be prompted to add your desired color in a pop-up box.


Dimensions are measured in inches.

13”x16” on canvas - $308

16” x 16” on canvas - $356

15”x18” on canvas - $370

20”x20” on canvas - $500

20”x28” on canvas - $660

26"x21" painting on canvas - $646

29"x21" painting on canvas - $709

29"x24" painting on canvas - $796

28"x28" painting on canvas - $784

32"x26" painting on canvas - $932


Acrylic Paint, Gold Foil, Gilding Wax & Resin

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