7 weeks to go!

I am now in my third trimester with about 7 weeks to go! OH MY how time flies! I'm starting to feel the pressure to get everything purchased and in its proper place as quickly as possible. We don't have much space in our little Paris apartment, so her nursery will be shared with my office space and it's coming along quite nicely! 

I've started birthing classes and prenatal yoga with a mid-wife. It's been SO beneficial because I'm learning all of the french labor terms and how hospitals operate in Paris. I'm feeling confident that I won't be completely lost-in-translation the delivery room!!

I feel very fortunate to have been able to work from home during my pregnancy. This has resulted in me feeling relaxed and happy. As many of you know I previously worked in advertising. Working in an ad agency environment can be stressful with the deadlines, constant pressure to produce amazing work and long hours. It's been nice to be able to work with freelance clients one-on-one at a pace I'm comfortable with and less stress!

Good news! We found out that my fibroid tumors have moved with my growing belly and no longer cause a problem for delivery. YAY! However, I found out this week that I have Gestational Diabetes - BOOOOO! I'll have to make some dietary changes even though baby has me craving ALL the sugary things! Yet, I suppose I don't mind as long as the baby is okay :)

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.43.35 AM.png

She's not even born yet and I'm already learning so much about her.


  • Giving mommy early morning wake-up kicks
  • Dancing to the LaLa Land and Hamilton Soundtrack. I guess she's a musical-loving gal!
  • Listening to portuguese jazz - รguas de Marco
  • When mommy is feeling relaxed. I feel like she enjoyed my prenatal massage as much as I did!
  • Hamburgers - she is half American after-all! I always feel AMAZING after eating a hamburger. Takes any and all nausea away!
  • Going to the movies, she always sways gently to cinematic sounds


  • Brussel sprouts. I love them, but everytime I eat them she turns and rolls - clearly revolted. 
  • Being startled when daddy (who is normally very calm) screams like crazy when watching a football match - Go PSG!
  • Taking hot baths. I accidentally had the water too hot one time and she freaked out - and rightfully so!

I'm still trying to decide which dates my shops will be closed for while on maternity leave. However, I'm currently accepting commissions starting early July! Hope you all are well and are enjoying a lovely weekend!