Working Smarter with HoneyBook: Art Commissions!

This is a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

You guys, do you mind if I geek out over some small business talk for a sec?

Real talk - growing a business is not for the faint of heart! This past year, has been a major lesson in business management for me. I run my day-to-day business on my own and find that the more my business grows, the more my attention is pulled into many different directions - it’s has been quite overwhelming! Like many other working artists, my daily tasks include; managing my art licensing project deadlines, online sales, commission inquiries, current commission feedback, post office runs, portfolio development, social media (are you tired yet? haha) all while trying to wrangle an ever growing email inbox! Operating on this level was not sustainable and was slowly starting to result in missed emails, missed commission opportunities and a lot of money left on the table. I was definitely in need of some client inquiry and management relief! Thankfully HoneyBook swooped in to save the day! 


HoneyBook is a client management software for small businesses that has an array of features such as; invoicing, sending proposals, but most impressively automation! Business Process Automation? What the heck is that? I’m thrilled to explain, as I am a new fan! It’s like putting your business on autopilot. Simply put, Business process automation, is when you use technology to streamline complex (or time consuming) business processes. Doing so increases service quality and most importantly saves YOU, the business owner, TIME 🙌🏾! Another way to think about it is, using technology to perform a repetitive task for you, to save you brain power! 

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 2.56.57 PM.png

How I’m using Honeybook for my art business!

One of the ways I’m using HoneyBook as an artist is to field commission requests. As I’m sure many other artists know, commission requests can be a time consuming process that involves a lot of information gathering and back and forth; that sometimes doesn’t pan out. I now run all of my commission requests through HoneyBook and their tools have allowed me to get organized which has resulted in increased commission sales.

Here are ways that HoneyBook has helped me increase my commission sales over the past month:

  • I’m able to be more responsive quicker using their Email Templates feature <— pre-written emails? Yes, please!

  • Their Questionnaire function helps me gather all the information needed from my prospective buyers.

  • The HoneyBook app, notifies me when i’ve received a response from my potential buyer. This means no more digging around in my inbox

  • And the best part is that all of these steps can happen automatically (on their own) without me sending an email using their Workflow feature!

Here’s a snapshot of my new commissions questionnaire on HoneyBook!

Screen Shot 2019-10-29 at 8.34.56 AM.png

Also, HoneyBook is fully customizable and can be set up in a way that best serves YOUR business needs. Does this sounds like something you and your business could benefit from? HoneyBook is so generously offering my readers 50% off their first year of HoneyBook!

It’s never too early to start putting systems in place to support you as your business grows. I look forward to sharing more ways I’m using HoneyBook for my business!