Melancia Mag Interview

Hello friends!!

This month I had the pleasure of interviewing with online art magazine Melancia Mag! Melancia, which means watermelon in portuguese, is a brazilian magazine tells the stories of artists from around the world, while showcasing their work! I really like the concept as each month they have a different piece of watermelon themed art as their cover. This month they chose to showcase some of my painted melons ! 

You can check out the magazine below. I also included some interview excerpts in english :)

Melancia Magazine Interview with english excerpts:

Explain to us how you organize your projects and your creative process and you employ materials.

All projects start with an idea. Most of the ideas come to me when I'm not thinking about art at all, like while i'm sitting in the metro or traveling. I'm always sure to note my ideas in my phone. Sometimes when i'm out taking a walk and i'll see a color combination I like or a pattern on a door and i'm sure to take a photo. It's important to always be a collector of inspiration! Then i'll head into my studio and will start creating. I try not to overthink anything, let color lead the way and have fun. I feel if I were to put too much pressure on myself to create, then it would be a stressful and unenjoyable experience. My most used tools/ mediums are acrylic paint, gold leaf, my DSLR and photoshop.

Do you have your favorite artwork? Those in which you are proud. Tells us what it is and why.

Hmmm this is a hard one! I think at this moment in time, my favorite pieces are my painted fruit series. To me the fruit series represents a shift in my work where I was able to combine the graphic style of my art direction background with my artistic side of fine art and joys of playing with color. 

What is your PURPOSE of life?

My purpose in life is to live a life i'm proud of and to live a life that is true to who I am. Also, I hope to bring happiness to others with the bright colors and happy energy in my art. If it can simply bring a smile to someone's face or inspire others to create then I'm beyond happy!

Thanks to Melancia Mag, for the wonderful interview!!