4 Ways to Reduce Waste Creatively

As an artist who works with many materials, it's crazy how quickly excessive art supplies and scrap paper accumulates in my studio. This summer I've made it a goal to be more conscious of using what I already have in order save money and reduce waste. 

The first thing I did was to take stock of all the materials I currently have. I was amazed by how many materials I had stored away from previous projects such as book making, jewelry making and wedding DIYing! 

Here are some ways I've been able to reduce waste creatively:

1. Using smaller paper scraps to make new pieces

Instead of throwing away scrap paper, I've saved it all in a shoe box. See all the colors sitting in the box inspired me to create some fun new pieces.

Tapis Magique (Magic Carpet) Series | Paris 2016

Tapis Magique (Magic Carpet) Series | Paris 2016

2. Cutting up old paintings into thank you cards

I've seen many other artist do this as well. It's a wonderful way to cut back on branding costs as well as add a human personal touch to your thank you cards/ note cards. Many clients love framing them as art :)

3. Using up leftover paint

There have been many times I've washed leftover paint down the sink after finishing a piece. Such a shame to let all those pretty colors go to waste! Now, when I have leftover paint, i'll use what's left to decorate the envelopes I use to ship orders in. Not only am I wasting less paint, but my collectors LOVE receiving their colorful packages in the mail!

4. recycling shipping material scraps as a canvas

A big part of my art sales comes from art prints, which means I need lots of shipping materials to make sure they arrive to their destinations in good condition. I purchase large format boards and then cut them down to fit my prints, which leaves a lot of extra board that are too small to use for shipping other prints. 

I visited Amsterdam in July and knew I wanted to do some painting during my visit. Not wanting to carry bulky canvases around, I quickly grabbed some of the extra stiff board pieces and took them along with me to paint on. Not only was I able to create some cute small paintings, but I was able to create a whole new series without having to spend extra money on supplies. Since, I've painting throughout my summer travels in Amsterdam, Italy and the south of france <3

Red Lights | Amsterdam 2016&nbsp;

Red Lights | Amsterdam 2016 

I'm having a blast exercising my creativity in a different way!

As a result:

  •  I've taken less trips to the art store, which is always a temptation since it's located just around the corner!! 
  • Challenged myself artistically by using materials I wouldn't normally use
  • Saved money 
  • I've also sparked many new ideas just from doing things differently!

Looking forward to seeing what else comes of this little revelation! Have a great weekend everyone :)